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Hello. Shredder here. I've been getting e-mails and such of talk when SCP Craft will be updated. Many of you don't know this but Phuck has given up the project. He discontinued it. Now don't get upset with him, you don't know if he did it for a reason or if he just couldn't manage it. However, I was just given this news today and decided to let you all know this. Please don't be upset with Phuck or me about this because it was none of our faults. Maybe he couldn't handle it or he just couldn't do it anymore. Either way it's discontinued. This mod is placed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License meaning at any point someone can download the mod and continue to work on it but they are NOT allowed to sell it for their own, however they must give the proper credit to where it is due as this is all Phuck asks. My apologies as I know many of you would like to play this mod but who knows, maybe someone will update it someday? Have a nice day... see you later.