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-Added 2 new Cups
-Added SCP-002
-Added 2 new Potion Effects
-Added SCP-822
-Added SCP-023
-Revamped SCP-000-J
-Added SCP-682 (Or did we?)
-Added the Pocket Dimension for SCP-106
-FINALLY made SCP-173 faster!
-SCP-173's model is now smaller.
-Fixed SCP-073 from not appearing.
-Made a custom panorama background.
-Added more quotes to SCP-079.
-SCP-079 took over the creative menu!
-Added SCP-009
-Added 1 new Achievement.
-Revamped SCP-027 The Vermin God.
-Keycard slots now work with Sliding Doors.
-Fixed SCP-500 from not doing its job
-Fixed SCP-420-J from not doing its job
-Revamped the Smoke block
-Improved SCP-280's AI
-Made Class-Ds more interactive with SCPs.
-Redone and improved SCP-096
-Added normal toilet
-Added Alarm block
-SCP-087 now destroys any light source
-SCP-409 can now crystalize MOST mobs! With cool overlays!
-Installation made easier!
-A lot of clean-ups
-Some minor bugfixes
-Fixed up some stuff involving SCP-914.
-Fixed SCP-173 doing damage when just touching.
-Fixed SCP-076-01's spawn rate of Able.
-Added a "beating" animation for SCP-058
-Improved Cain and Able.
-Pipes now connect to toilets.
-Revamped SCP-080.
-Added chambers for each Item SCP.
-You now spawn Item SCPs with their documents you make with Item Descriptions + paper in document crafter.


-Fixed the infamous sound crash
-Fixed keycards bug.

-Updated to 1.4.2
-Clockwork pig, cow, zombie, spider and SCP-111 are now CONTROLLABLE WHILE RIDING
-Added SCP-000-J
-Fixed SCP-1025 being buggy
-Remade the Clockwork Villager's damn pricey trades.


- Bug fixes
- Added a Forge Version Check GUI at startup.
- Added a changelog screen.
- Added 1 new SCP-294 cup
- Fixed SCP-096 Once again
- Added SCP-50-AE-J, SCP-789-J, SCP-966, SCP-872, SCP-006, SCP-015, SCP-053, SCP-076, SCP-073, SCP-079, SCP-027, SCP-997, SCP-109, SCP-1025, SCP-151, SCP-472, SCP-372.
- SCP-914, SCP-261 and SCP-294 are now faceable in any direction.
- Improved The Achievements.
- Revamped SCP-294 GUI, and SCP-914 GUI
- Added SCP-Posters
- Added Shelves
- Nerfed some Recipes.
- Added Circuitry, Infra-red glasses, Grate block and Remote Door Computer.
- Added SCP-Music Discs

- Added SCP-Capes
- Added Sounds for SCP-914 and SCP-294.
- Added Sliding Doors
- Fixed SCP-629's AI
- Fixed SCP-087's AI
- Fixed SCP-087's Texture
- Added blinking to NBT
- Blinking Toggle now doesnt affect while chatting anymore.
- Retextured SCP-912's Icons.
- Added names for each document.
- Added Fast graphics support for SCP-143 leaves.
- Reduced Granite's Hardness.
- Removed the Tothbrush's glowing effect.
- Added some SCP-914 recipes.
- Added Clockwork Villager and Clockwork Creeper.
- Nerfed SCP-106's Damage.


- Bug fixes
- Switched to Forge
- Added blink meter
- Added 1 new SCP-294 cup
- Fixed SCP-096
- Improved SCP-914 to have more slot options
- Added ability to shift click items out from SCP-914, SCP-261 and SCP-294
- Improved SCP-106 and SCP-513 AI
- Improved SCP-261 and SCP-294 GUI
- Added custom menu splashes
- Added a new potion effect
- Reworked a few Cups potion effects to be more diverse
- Nerfed SCP-354 potion effects
- Electric wool is now pushable by pistons

- Every chamber has now air pockets and keyslots.
- Added Corroded Door


- Fixed duplication bug
- Added: SCP-409, SCP-143, SCP-058, SCP-310, SCP-594, SCP-063, SCP-427
- Retextured most pearls
- New SCP-261 and Keycard textures
- Added a custom SCP Achievement tab
- Added 1 new achievement
- Made SCP-106 and SCP-173 hitbox smaller
- Nerfed Reinforced Steel recipe


- Made the mod compatible for Minecraft 1.3.2
- Added SCP-106, SCP-538, SCP-080, SCP-280, SCP-420-J.
- Added an SCP tab for the creative menu
- Added SCP-629 sounds
- All mobs dont despawn on peaceful, but they dont do damage either
- SCP-173 doesnt teleport out of its chamber anymore
- Bigfoot and SCP-096 dont despawn anymore


- Added: SCP-500, SCP-096, SCP-629, SCP-354, SCP-261, SCP-999
- Reworked SCP-087's chamber
- Added SCP-096 sounds
- Changed all armor textures aswell as Reinforced Iron and Bloodblock
- Added world generation for SCP-354
- SCP-049 now has a proximity of his chat messages
- Added keycards, keycard slots and smoke blocks
- Added a gas mask overlay
- Fixed mob egg names so they dont say ""
- Added a clockwork virus cow
- Added more SCP-049 quotes, SCP-914 recipes and SCP-294 drinks


- Added: SCP-131
- Changed SCP-173's sound
- Added SCP-087 sounds
- Added 3 new SCP-914 recipes
- Added SCP-049 quotes
- SCP-1000 and SCP-049 are stronger
- Made SCP-173 faster
- Added blocks to creative menu
- Changed SCP-458 texture


- Armor actually works now


- Sorted out the .rar file so it's easier to install


- Added: SCP-1000, SCP-087, SCP-049, The Clockwork Zombie
- Added 3 new coffee machine drinks
- Removed pig sounds from SCP-513
- Added a couple of SCP-914 recipes
- Added 1 more achievement
- Added a config file


- Added: SCP-217, SCP-513, SCP-912, SCP-458
- Updated SCP-173's bounding box(He can't pass trough 3 block high doorways)
- Added SCP-173 sounds
- Added more SCP-914 and coffee machine recipes
- Fixed the Burning Man not attacking the player
- Fixed every SCP so they don't despawn
- Added spawn eggs for every SCP
- Added more achievements


- Removed Cow sound when hitting a Class-D Guy
- Added: SCP-294, SCP-457, SCP-019
- Updated Gas Mask recipe
- Updated SCP-173's Texture
- Updated all pearls textures
- Added Achievements
- Added more SCP-914 recipes
- Bug fixes


- Mod apparition
- Added: SCP-173, SCP-111, SCP-914.

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