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Posted by TheDarkKnight on October 27, 2012 at 11:50 AM

Hi everybody, The Dark Knight here with a request. By now you all might already know that 914 had a major change when it comes to functionality, unless you are playing this mod from more recent updates, having 5 slots instead of 1. Well the way it works is that it has 5 different recipe files, one for each type (rough, course, 1:1, fine and very fine).

But this also means that it's harder for us to come up with recipes, since we don't always know what could result from a block/item in a specific slot. Having said that We want to ask the community to help us with the recipes. The code for adding recipes is extremely simple:

"addSmelting(Item.goldNugget.shiftedIndex, new ItemStack(Item.ingotGold));" Where the gold nugget is the item placed in a slot and the gold ingot the result. Now I on't start explaining you stuff, cuz we just need some kind of suggestions for the recipes written in the form of code, but not the exact code. Since nobody knows ALL the block and item names the way we want you to write the suggested recipes is the following way:

//Name of the slot (course, rough, 1:1, fine, very fine)

addSmelting(name of block or item, new ItemStack(result item or block, amount of the item/block));

Here is an example:


addSmelting(Stone, new ItemStack(CobbleStone, 2));

addSmelting(Netherrack, new ItemStack(BlazePowder, 4));


addSmelting(Stone, new ItemStack(StoneBricks, 1));"

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Reply PhuckYuToo
1:36 PM on October 27, 2012 
Yes we would like your help...This update's release date is in your hands
Reply mewzy
3:53 PM on March 21, 2013 
addSmelting(Rose, new ItemStack(Dandelion, 1)

addSmelting(Glass, new ItemStack(Sand, 1)

addSmelting(Anvil, new ItemStack(Iron, 3)

addSmelting(Raw Beef, new ItemStack(Steak, 1)

addSmelting(Ender Pearl, new ItemStack(Eye of Ender, 1)